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Monday, November 2, 2015

New Classes now available

We have come out of our teaching Hiatus and are now beginning to hold classes once more!!! For information contact us. We have done a little bit of restructuring to our new classes to better improve ourselves and how we present information. There will be more posts coming to this blog in the future to further educate our students and the general public on Spirit-Hand, Shamanism, Our Ministry Works, The Healing Arts, and The Tradition of Reiki.

Please feel free to explore this blog and the various pages. Updates will be made soon to several of them, especially the page on symbols; what they mean, and how they are used in our tradition.

Thank you and Blessed Be !!!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Changing the Patterns;

I am often asked how someone can explain something like Reiki or Energy Work in general to non-spiritual people, or people who are more scientific minded or more skeptical. We have tried to educate our students before on how one might explain this, however We have simplified and streamlined the explanation even more so now; in order to get to the core truth of how energy medicine works on a basic fundamental scientific level. Following the explanation portion is a series of pictures depicting energy work and what we are doing when we perform Reiki on someone on the most basic level. The series was created by taking a picture of two healers found during an image search on line and altering it in different ways. You will see the first symbol utilized in both the projection method and also how it moves in a three dimensional way. This symbol as practitioners will know is a symbol taught in our level one. The Cho-Ku-Rei as it is called in Reiki, or more commonly The Power symbol; and also called The Emmanuel symbol in Spirit-Hand. You can do a fast slide show for yourself by clicking on the first picture to enlarge it and then clicking on it repeatedly at your chosen speed to move to the next pictures. You will towards the beginning of the slide show how the clients energy is fragmented and disjointed in non-organic types of patterns and how through the energy work organic energy flow is restored.

The bases of all energy work;

Further advice on how to explain healing work to non-spiritual people:

All energy healing works on one basic scientific principal; the understanding that everything is energy. Everything that exists is made up of energy. In spirituality we often refer to this general underlying energy as the element of Spirit. So how does healing work with this basic Energy or Ki? Energy exists in patterns. You can disrupt the flow of one pattern and introduce a new pattern that changes the vibrational frequency of the energy. In the same way that crystal healing works, energy medicine works. There is no woo woo majik about it. Almost everything in nature has a measurable E.M.F. (Electro Magnetic Field). When the E.M.F. of certain stones come into contact with the E.M.F. of the human body there is a reaction. Our frequency is changed; why would this be? Because the flow of the pattern of our energy has been altered and a new pattern introduced into our system. Energy medicine does this same exact thing. The reason in Reiki and similar healing methods, that we use symbols is because each symbol is a pattern of energy. When introduced into our field, they change the flow of our energy patterns and help raise them to a higher vibrational frequency. All energy work be it healing or ritual is to change and alter the flow of energy; to change the patterns if you will. One might say that the art of being an energy worker, or the real task of an energy worker is to become a vessel through which a change of patterns can be brought about. When you break it all down to the smallest part, the most basic part...and remove any spiritual understanding and truth leaving just the pure scientific facts…that is what the purpose of all energy and ritual work is. We seek to change the patterns. After a while dealing with the world around us, the technologies, and often the same routines and environments; the energy flow can slip back into the same patterns as before the disruption was introduced, and we need to be quickened or attuned to higher frequencies again. This same larger pattern will repeat through out our lives. However, sometimes you can cause a change in pattern that while occasionally dropping to a slightly lower frequency will never again drop down so low as to repeat the original low frequencies. This then is part of the goal. To create over and over again new patterns of energy so that the patterns that become the usual patterns of energy for a person are still higher than they way they were before we ever started utilizing energetic practices on them. This is also a major part of Reju's or Reiki attunements; to create a permanent change of pattern in the healer.  

And now for the Slide-show; 

Clients Energy is fragmented and not flowing right

The Healers begin to project and wield the energy and let if flow into the client

The healers begin to utilize a healing symbol by projection 

The Power symbols as it moves in its pattern into the body and field of the client

Proper Flow begins to be restored

The Flow and Symbols begin to disrupt the fragmented energy pattern of the client and restore proper flow in the client

Symbol and flow begin to change the pattern through the whole body from the outside to the inside

The Change of Pattern getting down and working in the cellular level

Proper Energy flow and pattern restored

Field restabilized and restored to balance

Hello Everyone...We are still around lol

Alright has been a while but we are not gone and haven't forgotten. Life has been more than a little busy for all of us as of late. More content is coming soon! We hope everyone has had a Blessed and Joyful Holiday Season!

The Faculty of T.A.G.M.S. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

The Celtic Festival of Alban Elued (The Light upon the Water);

Alban Elued (The Light upon the Water);
Circa Sept. 19th – 23rd, typically it falls on the 21st.
The feast tide lasts from the 19th through the 23rd.
A.k.a.; Alban Elfed (Which means Light of the water), mean
fomhair, Harvest-Home, Feast of the vine, Mabon

The autumnal equinox like its counter part in spring is a
time to bring balance to energies overly influenced by chaos or scattered-ness.
It is the true beginning of the dark half of the year, and therefore it is a
time to stop and take inventory of the lessons you have learned throughout the
year. At the start of the day the energies will tend to be a little off kilter,
or as I like to say….Wonky lol. By evening however sharp focused balance comes
in and can be harnessed, focused, and utilized! This balance is hard to
maintain through most of the year but as we age we try with a little more ease
each day if we are pure in mind, heart, effort, and intent. We tend to have
better harmony and synergy with our purpose and goals as we age. Wisdom and
knowledge are gifts of getting older. The Autumn is a time to gather in the
harvest and a time to reap the benefits of our sewing. Our efforts have been
proved to not be in vain. It is a time for seers to take time to clear their
sight and enhance it if they so wish. Evolving our abilities is one of the
terrific virtues of this time of the year’s cycle. Just as nature has ebbs and
flows, tides and seasons, lunar and solar cycles… so to do we. This is also the
feast of thanksgiving for our Brehon. A time to Honor God and all the spiritual
Aids that we have been given.

  St. Michael The ArchAngel
is honored at this time for his role as one of the great spiritual protectors
of the faithful. According to some traditions this is also the true time of
Christ’s birth into his earthly incarnation. In Celtic tradition this was a
time of fruit harvesting for those whose crops were fruit. Of course the very
name of this festival has connections to sacred mirror teachings and also the Hindu
concept called the jeweled net of Indra. This festival season is a time of
reflection. What does life and those around us, or those we have come in
contact with reflect to us? What do we reflect back to life or to those we
encounter? Now is a delicious time for taking personal inventory of our general
attitude at this present time in our lives. This is also a brilliant time from
bringing more Awen into our beings and lives!

to Celtic philosophy is the force known as the Awen. Literally Awen means
"flowing spirit" and it is this flowing spirit that guides us through
the work of our vocation or service. Because the force of the Awen is described
thus, it can be seen as many different things. The force of divine poetic
inspiration, which is held within the elixir of life found in the Cauldron of
the Divine (The Chalice Void Womb of God). In the Celtic Christian tradition
this can be seen as the force of love, light, life, and grace; The Power which
manifests, sustains, and fills the essence of all life that emanates from The
Spirit of God.

Warning: the following links are to a blog-site that is not kid, school, or work friendly. Though these particular posts do not contain adult content, other pages on the following blog-site contain very adult graphic sexual content;

Most Common (Though
not limited to) Traditional archetypes For Alban Elued;

Masculine Archetypes;
Jesu (Christ, Yashua), YHVH, Elohim, Michael, John the
Baptist; to name a few

Ancient European
Masculine Archetypes;
Lugh, Greenman, Oak and Holly King, Esus, Manannan and Lir, The sons of Lir, Stag King or Cernnunos, Maponus, King Arthur, Myrddin (Merlin); to name a few

Feminine Archetypes;
Sophia, El Shaddai, The Woman at the well, Mary of Bethany;
to name a few

Ancient European
Feminine Archetypes;
Cerridwen, Tam lin, and the Daughters of Lir, Branwen,
Guinevere, Morgain Le Fae, Nimue (Lady of The Lake); to name a few

Central Themes;
Peace, Reflection, Harvest (Reaping and Sewing Teachings),
Balance, Communion, Forgiveness, A time for misunderstandings and
miscommunications to be resolved. Sacred Mirror Teachings.

Traditional Colors of
Alban Elued;
Orange, Russet,
Rose, Maroon, Brown, Red, Orange,
Yellow, Blue, Purple, Gold, Silver, Grey, White, teal,

Direction of Power; The West
Time of Day Power Point;

Associated Symbols;
Vines, Corn, Fish, Cornucopia, Gourds, horses, sea horses,
Capricorn, Leaves, Petals, Feathers, Tines, Acorns, shells, mirrors, salt and
or water, bread, corn dolls, wheat dolls, Planet Venus, Stone; Emerald, Swans,
The Thumb of Wisdom and Poetry, Perth Rune, Throne,

We are in the
festival month of the vine-moon.

Sacred tree; aspen,
letter E or Q (Muin, Eadha)

Foods, Plants, and
Libations associated with Alban Elued;
Fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, benzoin, marigold, milkweed,
Solomon’s seal, corn and wheat, sea food, rich breads, cakes, stews, Wine,
Vegetables and fruits of the vine, Wild Game, Valerian.

Traditional Spiritual
Poetic Sayings;
The God of The Awen, which brings the fire to the
I am a Hill of Poetry

See Themes for main meditation focuses.
Additional meditations;
Appreciation for life, an attitude of gratitude

This gathering is
known by many names to many people, for the Truth is reflected from many mirrors.
It has been celebrated as Alban Elfed and the Fall Harvest. Our ancestors
called it by names long forgotten, and our children will call it by names as
yet conceived. In honor and remembrance this special Mystery Feast and
memorial is held for our Spiritual Patrons. 

The Jewish Feast
of Rosh Hashanah often falls close to
this festival so you might want to look at that symbolism as well.

The Balance and stillness in motion that is achieved during
this feast is often fleeting and momentary. It is still of major value whether
you can maintain it or not. This feast brings a type of Mental Respite.  

The Veil between the worlds begins it’s thinning during this
feast until it is almost gone at Samhein, after which it starts to thicken
again traditionally. However what we are seeing in this Great Shifting is that
the veil between the worlds grows thinner with each passing year. This may or
may not be due to the polar shifting as a natural event that happens every so
many thousand years; However in my faith tradition it is believed that at the
end of days the veil will disappear, be absorbed, or be torn away altogether
and Heaven, Earth, and the other realms of Spirit (Or Ether) will be Joined and
United in The New Planet or Kingdom Eternal called “The New Jerusalem”!

From the rising of the sun until the time that it goes down
The Name of The Lord shall be praised. To God be The Glory!

This is a great time to balance your Masculine and Feminine Energies...

This post is by no means complete information on this
special festival, but rather a brief overview that will allow you to craft
rituals for your personal time with Spirit during this feast.